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Tisdale chapter of the Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan celebrates it’s thirtieth anniversary
Tisdale - Saturday, February 24, 2013
by:Darlene McCullough
About forty-five people gathered in St Matthew's Anglican Church hall on Monday, February 18 to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the founding of the Tisdale Chapter of the Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan. 

The charter members included : 
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  • Lillian Abrahamson
  • Genevieve Arnold
  • Christine Bowerman
  • Margaret Brownridge
  • Marion Fargey
  • Kay Findlayson
  • Louise Fisher
  • Sylvie Forli
  • Mary Hellofs
  • Gordon Knuff
  • Rose Malinowski
  • Lena McConnell
  • Edna McPhee
  • Mae Moritz
  • Margaret Pocket
  • Leila Rooke
  • Larry Salamon
  • Alan Squire
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Only five of the original members are still with us and three of them were able to be present - Lillian Abrahamson, Leila Rooke, and Larry Salamon. These three shared with the group some of the highlights of their teaching careers.  Marion Fargey sent some of her writings and these were enjoyed by the group and Maureen Donald shared some memories that she had heard Lena McConnel talk about. Each surviving founding member was presented with a certificate and a bouquet of flowers.
Special guests who were present from the provincial organization were:  Margaret Martin, the Past President, Fred Herron, the Executive Secretary, and Elaine Broughton who is a member of the provincial executive.
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Master of Ceremonies was Tisdale Chapter President, Deanna Gruending.  Darlene McCullough, Secretary-Treasurer for the Tisdale Chapter gave a brief presentation on the history of the chapter, and Bob Donnon,  past president of the Chapter read a poem about the old prairie school houses which were similar to the ones in which  the honoured guests had begun their teaching careers.

Membership awards were presented to those who qualified - Audrey Adelman and Marlene Orban with ten years of
membership were presented with a pen, and Maureen Donald with twenty years of membership was presented with an engraved fey fob.
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Eileen Godson decorated a cake to resemble a school yard complete with a stack of books and topped with a school hand bell.  It was almost too gorgeous to eat but with the assistance of Eileen Godson, the three founding members cut the cake. This was topped with ice cream and strawberries and enjoyed by those present. Lots of visiting followed as tales were shared as the people looked at the assembled archives, photos, and old textbooks that were on display tables.
Below is a fifteen minute video highlighting some of the presentations that made the day one to remember.