Lower Fishing Lake
The Narrow Hills Provincial Park is still within Canada's boreal forest and everywhere you look there is evidence of the last glacial period and what happened when the ice sheet receded northward and its melt water carrying sand, gravel and soil into piles that are the hills making up this park. Looking out across the water of Lower Fishing Lake you can see those moraine hills and hidden from view are the kettle lakes that are a part of this kind of topography. Lower Fishing Lake is not a kettle lake but a fairly large body of water and from the information it is teaming with a wide variety of fish species.

The trees surrounding the lake and in the immediate campground area are tall spindly pine with sparse underbrush but the trees grow close enough together that one could be totally lost in just minutes if you wandered into the forest. Rich colour moses and other vegetation make every peek seem like you are looking into a fantasy world.

The pictures begin with the washboard road and you can see the ridges on the roadway in that picture. It was taken just a hundred feet or so from where I was forced to come to a full stop.

The picture of the phone booths is the actual campground although there is no sign that says "campground." You can see a couple of shots of the drive through camp site where we put our RV. The camp site is the same kind of trees as the neighbouring bush only the trees are thinned out.

The washrooms and shower facility is first rate, kept up and in pristine condition. It was Monday morning and the honey wagon was there twice taking away the waste.

In the other pictures you can see what we saw as we walked down to the water and then there are the pictures of the lake itself. Magnificent on Monday morning without a breath of wind and completely silent.