Bjorkdale Country

FTLComm - Bjorkdale - Monday, February 18, 2002

Bjorkdale is one of the many Saskatchewan villages that is just one of those places that is in an
excellent setting and as a result is an outstanding place to live and visit.

These pictures were taken Sunday afternoon as we cruised by the community and the interesting country side East toward Chelan.

The highway follows along only a few miles North of Greenwater Provincial park and the

mixture of forest and farmland, fields, valleys and meadows is unique.

The sharp differences in terrain have left little ravines like this one a place for trees to provide shelter and wind break for animals and field production alike.

Long ago the retreating ice pulling back from the high land on which the Park is located left this North side of the highland deeply eroded while on the Kelvington side things are equally

interesting but much smoother.

Snaking across the country parallel to the highway is the abandoned CN rail line. With its track removed this would make a fabulous hiking, biking, ATV trail but CN in its infinite wisdom placed barriers along the route to prevent use of the roadway. Sort of that "its my ball" attitude that is understandable in small children.

When you drive through this area enjoy its beauty but if you are going through here at night keep your eyes peeled for Elk they often do not turn their head toward you in the dark and will look like a dark patch at night. About a mile West of Chelan the field shows constant use by these big guys on their way South to the park.