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FTLComm - Bjorkdale - July 14, 1998
The panorama QuickTime VR above is the scene looking North across the gentle valley that parts the village distributing its inhabitants along the North slope. Bjorkdale is a farm village with farms along the highway and the North side of the community allowing the farmers to live in the village with their farm land stretching away from their homes up the hill. On the next page is a another QuickTime VR, this one looking back toward the South from the site of an old church no longer in use. (If these images are not appearing your screen you may need to download QuickTime 3.0 to enable your computer to access these virtual reality images)
On the left is the proud Bjorkdale school which has a remarkable reputation for sports success most notably its incredible success in six man tackle football that has brought honour and distinction to the community.

This school is part of the Tisdale School Division and it is a constant struggle to keep it operational as Tisdale has invested heavily in its large middle and secondary school with the view to absorbing students from Bjorkdale and other smaller communities in the area.