I disagree Canadians do expect more from their government
Carrot River - Wednesday, August 18, 2010 by: Kevin McIntyre

Editor's note: Mr. McIntyre is responding to the story from Monday in
Ensign about the government's attitude toward refugees.

Sunday, I wrote my MP telling him that this lifelong Conservative voter, was not only upset, but the government of Canada should turn them (Tamil refugees) back like the Aussies did. Go soft on illegals and there are literally millions of people over there who would swamp us.

Having dealt with the immigration department and being treated like dirt and spoken to in a way that if a student addressed you that way you'd haul his parents in for a chat, come in by legal means or swim.

This country was built to what it is today by white Europeans who by the sweat of their brow made huge sacrifices to build what we have. Today, less than half of Toronto residents were born there, or their parents, were to the point, hockey is a strange concept to them. Fresh off a boat, grab a placard and demand your rights! Rights, that if we went to their country, we'd be shot.

Come here legally, join our society and all those things that made their country of origin such a bad place they had to flee from, if they don't like it then stay there.

I expect more from my government; I expect them to secure the borders and keep us safe from foreign crime rings. Just like the state of
Arizona is trying to do (which is a State's rights issue. Which was the root trigger of the Civil War. Anyone who reads the Arizona bill, as I have, knows it is not Nazi Germany or Communism [which shows how illiterate Ms Palin is] where they will stop you at random demanding papers. Next time a cop stops you for speeding see if he demands "papers". They do.)