Medieval patterns resurfacing in this, the 21st Century

Victoria - Monday, May 17, 2010 by Eugene Parks

Three of the greatest achievements of civilization were made during the transition from the Medieval to the Modern Age.  All three are being questioned in Canada today.

House of Commons Speaker Peter Milliken's conclusion that executive power is the servant of Parliament reaffirmed principles established in the Magna Carta and the British Civil war. Why so profound and fundamental a principle had to be re-argued bears close examination. Democracy is under stress.

Today facts arrived at by observation are seldom at the core of political debate. Too often facts are selected in order to support pre-set conclusions.  From nuclear medicine to food safety, dogmatic belief determines government directions. The Scientific Method is under assault.

Medieval wars were fought - and millions died - to establish the right to Freedom of Conscience. Today social policy is being decided increasingly on the basis of religious dogmas not individual conscience.

On the great scoreboard of human history, Canada is currently one out of three. Just this past week  democratic rule was momentarily affirmed despite the efforts of the current government not to accede to the will of Parliamentary. However arguments based on past experience and current facts have been replaced by ads too often inaccurate and filled with innuendo.  And, social policy and religious dogmas are at times nearly indistinguishable.

Our current government has taken us back to medieval conflicts.  Nothing good can ultimately come from their reintroduction of this world view.