Give them a one month time out
Victoria, British Columbia, Wednesday, November 24, 2010 by: Eugene Parks

Twice in one year North Korea has murdered South Koreans. Not going to war will take a miracle of diplomacy and restraint. When shot at, self-respecting countries shoot back.

Even more seriously, behind Korea's situation is
Iran providing support; a Korean war could easily expand and lead to something even more grave in the Middle East.

China needs to pony up and put a halt to North Korea's insanity before it escalates. Not responding will simply embolden North Korea and Iran.

Options for the rest of world exist. For example as a warning, place a one month moratorium on all movement to and from North Korea and Iran. No flights to or from, no border crossings, no shipping - for a month.  Give no harbour for a month.  Make our position and resolve perfectly clear. If you cannot play nice with the rest of the world, you don't get to play with the rest of the world.  Give them a one month time out.

Another less aggressive option would be to invite North Koreans on a diplomatic tour of world capitals. Make the positive point that North Korea could become like the rest of the world if it plays nice. And, make the negative point that the rest of the world is enormous compared to North Korea; taking on a world so much larger will end in tragedy for North Korea.

Otherwise, we might end up in a serious war in both Asia and the Middle East.