Twelve years

FTLComm - Tisdale - Friday, May 21, 2010

The anniversary of Ensign's first posting actually was yesterday, May 20th when in 1998 was its first day in existence. Over those years so much has changed in this world but we also are more and more painfully aware of how much things stay the same. It seems curious now to look back on the first decade of the new century, the conservative decade and see how many institutions and so much of the progress made by civilisation has actually gone backward. I often look at the old political stories that have appeared on Ensign through the years and realise how the years of Jean Chretien were the "good ole days." In provincial politics things have not been as severe but the struggle to maintain democratic principles, particularly the right to freedom of speech be preserved.

As I grow personally older I have much less time to devote to this site than was the case when it began and I am sorry that often posting once or twice a week is about all I can manage. This was a typical week. I posted two stories Monday, Tuesday was a road trip to Regina, Wednesday and Thursday were devoted to creating a new garden. Well originally there was a garden in our back yard but we have been mowing it for at least the past five years so we really are starting all over again. Then I was able to post today.

I really appreciate the feedback I get from readers of this web site. Many times a message from a reader is what we need to realise that this is a worthwhile project and is making a difference in this world.