A visit to Greenwater

FTLComm - Tisdale - Monday, February 17, 2003

Sunday mid day, a fine time to visit Greenwater provincial park and as you can see in these pictures the season of the year is not especially important because all year round this is a recreational and natural appreciation spot that has something for everyone.

The new main office is definitely a solid looking building that fits the setting the potential of this magnificent provincial playground.

The picnic area was pretty quiet Sunday but there were motors running just about everywhere


Most of the rental cabins were full this weekend as it was a beehive of activity. We drove through just one street of the cabins and there were lots of people dusting off driveways and about their business as so many of the cabins are year round dwelling just as the park is a year round park.

The marina (below) is the kind of thing you see on postcards but in the winter it is even better with its skating oval. There were a couple of families on the ice behind the island and adults and children enjoying the surrounds as well.

This fellow is mounted on a child size snow machine. He looked to be about eleven or twelve and was slowly pulling two sleighs behind the machine with friends who were covered in snow and smiles.

Despite the dull day with a hint of snow in the air the park was just magnificent. From the place the picture below was taken we could have driven out onto the lake to the fishing shelters bunched around the special spots. But we were there for lunch and next stop was the Cove.

Now this coat rack is something you don't see everyday with the row of snow mobile helmets. Though not crowded there was a stead stream of families and people of all ages coming in for a meal and no one was disappointed. As Gerald Crawford has
told us many times in his weekly column the Cove is one of the best eating spots in this part of Saskatchewan.

There were machines parked beside the Cove and in the parking lot. If fact there was a steady stream of them coming and going all the time we were there.

These two large maps are on the outside wall of the Cove and show the outstanding trail system both South and North of the provincial park.

The excellent groomed trails make it easy for the snow mobiles and equally benefit the cross country skiers. With excellent cross country trails and extensive network of snow mobile trails the two sports can make excellent use of the park without even knowing the other is in the same area.

We noticed in the parking lot that there were almost as many skiers as snow mobilers

No question that this park is truly a choice recreation area that celebrates the country and climate in which it is located.

We did not get over to the tobogganing slope but from the amount of traffic it is certain that it too was fully in use yesterday.

Timothy W. Shire



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