FTLComm - Pleasantdale, June 23, 1998

This village situated just off highway #6 a little more than half an hours drive South of Melfort, has a sense of tranquility to it best demonstrated by the town square, the open area between the sprawlling school complex and the tidy United Church.

As with other villages in our visits in the similar features to the community are present. Post Office, Coop store, a hotel (below right), curling rink and an outstanding community centre. Pleasantdale also has a bus depot. From these images you can see the tidy nature of the community, but the row of recycling bins, really catch the eye and impresses the visitor with the village's responsible attitude.(below )
The Pleasantdale Legion building (below) is used for the bus stop. One can help but be concerned for the future of the community with the size of the school and the realisation that more then $60,000 will be lost in grants for the school's operation with Kinistin's students going to their own school in the coming year. The school's excellent sports facilities and the obvious pride the community takes in the school, clearly indicates the high regard both education and the school's role in the community, are held.
The community hall is really a modern facility for a small community like this one and the building's design and attention to landscaping, highlights the general harmony of appearance seen throughout the village.

Many houses catch the eye as you tour the village but this one (above right) with its two grand framing trees has a special look to it. The trees are not blooming, the image was taken with low light (9:30PM) and the sky was blooming through the leaves.

Saskatchewan is known for its empty flat spaces but it should also be known for its individual stately trees. Situated on a massive pristine lawn is one to remember, just like the giant poplar near the school in Red Earth, or the raintree standing on the open plain North of Hodgeville this one has class. (For more on the Pleasantdale secret see Ducks and golden skies)