Loose Ends

FTLComm - Tisdale - January 29, 1999

Tomorrow night the Tisdale Wildlife Federation are holding their fund raising banquet, dance and auction. I went out to the Wildlife refuge that is funded by the Federation but alas the road leading into the property was impassible and all I have to show for my trip is this picture of sign. But we will have an article on this site in the future.

Check out this unit on the right, Kramer Tractor services machines like this logging grappler heading back to work in the bush after some repairs.
What, yet another truck! This one loaded with hay is seen charging down the highway West of Tisdale Thursday. Just imagine twenty-four massive rolls of material harvested from fields rolled up, loaded on a truck, shipped across the province, to be unrolled, to make hamburgers. I wonder why we don't just ask the cows to go do the harvesting themselves and save us all this wear and tear.