FTLComm - Tisdale - September 17, 1999
Each day I take the FTLComm van and tour Tisdale to check and see what new developments are in progress and one stop I make every day is to see what is going on at North Steel Industries. This company has undertaken an aggressive diversification programme that involves a whole new set of products for markets far beyond our local area.

A few days ago we showed you a picture of the new double walled Fireguard tanks and this is a similar, but more complex version of that same concept. The aggregate is prepared in this mixer and using an auger pumped into the void between the inner
outer tanks creating a margin  
of safety as such a tank can actually be completely engulfed in a fire yet retain its integrity and protect its contents from contributing to a blaze.

This new product includes two product tanks, dual hose reels, emmersible pumps and a dispensing bowzer with a durable steel structure to protect the fuel handling equipment, thus permitting self-contained installation
almost anywhere.  
With the constant development of new markets and new products Northern Steel's heavy work is in design and development and so we see they are adding additional workspace with two temporary ATCO trailers to provide the company with addition office and workstation room. The addition of ATCO trailers to any business definitely indicates positive growth and development, as this company forges ahead putting its accumulating experience and expertise to work.