Downsized Remote

FTLComm - Tisdale - Saturday, December 28, 2002

Last summer we
showed you large outdoor remote controlled vehicles powered by gas engines and for years Radio Shack and others have marketed a variety of vehicles for the lawn and living room. This I and many others began getting an almost daily series of emails selling a $29.95 (US) mini remote controlled car. These things are matchbox size and yet steer and have

rechargeable batteries. Above you can see the tiny motor with the index finger holding it above the drive wheel. They have independent suspension and complex steering systems. Click them to the remote unit for a minute or two and they are charged up for five minutes running.

Here you see one with its body removed.

They have, as might well be imagined been spotted by the computer geeks among us and a whole industry of accessories, modifications and paraphernalia developed around these little things that another time might have been called toys but alas, now we are not really sure. Even the concept of what is a toy is in need of refinement as we now understand that learning is propelled by experience and play is the work of children. What might have once been considered an unimportant toy is now clearly a means by which reality is explored and our place in reality defined.

These little vehicles represent a rather high level of technology and emphasis the enormous impact remote controlled machinery will have upon all of us as time goes forward. Now it appears the race is on for how small can you go?

Timothy W. Shire



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