Street Scenes

FTLComm - Tisdale
May 27, 1999

Once while house hunting a real estate salesman remarked that such and such a house had "curb appeal" this broke up my sons as they fully appreciate the use of jargon to describe a situation. As I was driving around Tisdale Wednesday late afternoon this house with its grand shaded lawn and sitting well back from the street had what the real estate guy was talking about. The long shadows of the late day accent the huge evergreens and increase the feeling of spaciousness around this house.

Perhaps because it is supper time or maybe Ken is just one of those guys that needs to have someone keep on eye on him is cutting the lawn and his wife is diligently supervising the lawn mowing process. Ken's house is just across the street from the lovely children's park featured in Ensign last week and across the street to the South of him is the house below.
This two story house sits on a corner lot and just has the word "family" written all over it. The hockey goal and mini-basketball hoop on the driveway and the play set on the lawn suggest that this is home to a variety of ages of children.

The trend to putting decorations on the lawn is an interesting one and perhaps deserves more then passing mention here, but in this yard we have two fabric covered child figures by the wishing well and another two under the front window.