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Now what?
Friday, November 18, 2016
by:Timothy W. Shire
Unexpected outcomes are a part of life, at the individual level and certainly when it comes to the world of politics and international affairs. Quite simply, the American presidential election was for almost everyone, unexpected and just the fact that it was a surprise, is in and of itself, a serious matter, that has real consequences.

In the volatile world of economics and financial affairs, predictability is the holy grail and anything else is a catastrophe. The reason for this is that speculation of any kind is dependent upon hints, minor seemingly insignificant items that form perceptions. Nothing is evidentiary, but all things relate to trends, past experience and parameters, all based on hinted perceptions.
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Even though the elected new president does not take office until two months from now, financial consequences have already occurred. The bond market based on very long term investments, is reacting and doing so quickly. This prompted two Canadian banks to increase interest rates on long term mortgages and the American “Fed” is expected to up the base overnight interest rate any day now.

Experts point to immediate changes in the commodities markets, particularly metals and energy. Inflation is expected, Canadian food prices are predicted to go up and unemployment rates in Canada’s manufacturing sector are under intense pressure. In a phrase “hold on to your hats.”
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It would be unwise to disregard the ridiculous rhetoric of the campaign and it would be equally unwise to surmise that with actual political power, moderation may replace the bombastic. Clearly, the political spectrum has been bent, but it would be equally unwise to assume that it is merely a swing to the political right, when in fact it might be a much different over all policy shift. Looking at trees will give you only a hint as to what is happening in a forest and at this point, the United States political scene is one of endless forests.
Though from pronouncements during and since the campaign that NAFTA is to be renegotiated, it would be much more prudent to realise that what is really in question is the fundamental sovereignty of both Canada and Mexico. Our neighbour is basically hostile, economically, socially, racially and does not respect us, or accept any governance that is not directly related to benefit itself and itself alone.

Canada’s unemployment rate is much higher that employment rates in Ohio and Michigan, yet those voters consider themselves to be hard done by and voted strongly to change the status quo. It is to simplistic to heap recriminations on the big mouthed bully for whom the voters supported, he garnered their support because of his obnoxious stance and our foe is not who is in office, but who elected him to office.
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The greatest challenge facing us as Canadians is not the forces outside our country that want to grab our forests, oil and make us into American slaves. Our challenge is to thwart the third column of similar minded Canadians who want to let their racism hang out, oppose immigration and tout the American line. Among us, there are Canadians in power and in society, who thrive on supporting bullies and will turn against the common good of all Canadians, to their own perceptions of reality.

Never before, will being truly Canadian, be tested as it will be in the years to come. With racism and ethnic/religious prejudice rampant on television and in the news, we must double down on what we are really about and condemn any and all unCanadian behaviours that creep over the border.
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You may feel that this call to uphold Canadian values as unnecessary, yet nightly on your television screen you see the “American Way” of accepting torture as a normal part of law enforcement. You see gun violence constantly being defended and Canadians accept this as part of “our” world. It is not, there is no “second amendment” in Canada, because Slavery was never part of Canadian economic and social fabric. Just so we are clear on this, the American second amendment to the constitution was put in place to allow the slavery states to have weapons available to their civilians so they could deal with a slavery rebellion, that is why Americans have “the right to bear arms.”

Canada’s birth rate and demographic situation is that we require a steady and continued flow of new Canadian, it is vital to the economic growth and stability of our country. Our way of life and standard of living is dependent on new Canadians joining us each and every year.

Not since 1812 have the people of British North America been faced with such a dangerous challenge to our sovereignty. We have no precedent to fall back upon, we are in new territory and this struggle is one that goes to the individual citizen. We can not expect our governments to do our bidding if we do not make it clear to them what we want and that is truly up to you. Here in Saskatchewan, your premier stands alone in opposing a carbon tax to thwart global warming and in other things, our provincial government wants very much to be similar in spirit to its neighbouring American states. The fight we as individuals face in this struggle is huge and you can not rely on others to speak for you.

God Save the Dominion.
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