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April 17, 2001
Marvellous Marvin Appointed For Second Term

Dear Mr. Wallace:
I can safely assume that the media's lack of interest in your point of view has less to do with advertising dollars than it does with you bearing all of the telltale signs of being a quack. Lay off the snarky rhetoric, inside jokes and quixotic self-promotion, and you just might get a little more press.

Scott Boyes, Editor
La Ronge Northerner

Hi Ed --
"The Schmidt House"? Hey -- that's way out! Positively scatological! He has a quick wit. As far as I am concerned the whole wheat pool mess could be grouped under Scatology! Ha!

Chris S.
Ouch, That's Gotta Hurt!

Date: 4/16/01 10:06 AM
Received: 4/16/01 10:10 AM
From: Mike Townsend,
To: Timothy W. Shire,

'Ouch, that's got to hurt', item. Very intelligent piece Tim. I think the part about being 'with' the users, whether they are at school or home is very important. We had a bunch of blocks on our system at school but they were so limiting for doing legitimate work that they were taken off. Now I just spend a lot of time early in the school term talking about what you can and cannot do with the computers in my lab. I then have a tracking system for getting the monkeys who do not or will not understand the message. It seems to work quite well. For the most part, since I take a very professional approach in these classes and treat the kids with a great deal of respect, they generally respond in kind.


Date: 4/14/01 10:49 PM
Received: 4/14/01 10:54 PM
From: Kevin McIntyre,

Outstanding article, never even thought something like that could happen.
Thanks for writing that.

And here is a little something Kevin sent us to help us understand the unusal signs of spring