FTLComm - Tisdale - October 16, 1999  

Just after the first half Friday's game was tied up with 22 points each. Tisdale was making effective use of their star running back Blake Patterson and the Hudson Bay Riders were having a tough time containing him. The Riders were charged up for the game charging out on to the field with line changes and in general demonstrating considerably more zeal then their counter parts.

The late fall sky was clouded over and there was a threat of
snow with temperatures of
about 5C. The whole of the field was ringed with cars and people. It was hard to watch the game from the cars because there were so many fans standing along the sidelines and the few bleachers can only hold a few dozen fans.

To add to the show Hudson Bay had brought their cheerleaders who did a fine job of encouraging their team and helping out the large number of Hudson Bay spectators how had come over for this 4:00PM game.
This 24 - 42 loss for Tisdale marks only the second game they have been defeated in this year with three wins to their credit they are confident that they will bring the playoffs back here to the TUCs field which is in its last year of regular service as next season will be played on the new field at TMSS. On Tuesday the 19th its an away game in Melfort then the playoffs begin on Saturday October 23 and the league final play-off game at 2:00 Saturday October 30. Coach Hildebrand was confident after the game that Tisdale would not only defeat Melfort Tuesday but be in that league final play-off game.

Now to see more of yesterday's game there are pictures and team rosters on "the Second Page".