FTLComm - Tisdale - October 11, 1999

Melfort was definitely in trouble as the second period came to an end and they were trailing eight to nothing. From the play on the ice the teams seemed evenly matched yet the score was decidedly
one sided. But it soon became apparent what the problem was, Melfort was taking penalties, a lot of them and Tisdale was taking advantage of the power play situations. The Melfort goalie having to play shorthanded was showing some frustration and the he had been a bit shaky the last goal. Below right was one of those post penalty discussions.
Since hockey began in the RecPlex score keepers have had to cope with the home team on their right and the guest team on their left while the score sheet itself has things the other way. You will no doubt have noticed that in the past the Trojans come out of the door on the stands side of the rink and have to cris cross to the other side where the home box was located. Well this year things have been at last sorted out. A simple move of the home and guest signs and the home team is now on the score keeper's left as the team appears on his sheet and for the fans the home team is on the right. A small thing but a major change for fans this year.

Here is how the third period began as Melfort continued to take the penalties and the disheartened Melfort team continued to be overwhelmed with Tisdale's offense and the score just kept on rolling up as Tisdale snapped in goal after goal.

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