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FTLComm - Tisdale - January 18, 1999

Seventeen games straight, a record year for the Tisdale Ramblers as they suffered their first and only defeat of the season at the hands of the Hudson Bay Hunters Sunday night. The last meeting of these two teams was on December 29 when the Ramblers won a high scoring 12 - 9 victory over the Hunters. Thinks became a little problematic in the second period altercation resulted in a five minute penalty to the Ramblers and the loss of a player, while Hudson Bay's coach(seen right) was ejected from the game. The Ramblers suffered two short handed goals during the extended penalty and went into the third period two down, then another goal was scored with less then half a minute left in the penalty making them three down. But the Ramblers went into team mode and closed the gap to a single point behind as the game went into its last minute and at 53 seconds left Gil Hudon was pulled to make six attackers, after the face off the puck was lost near the red line a Hudson Bay play deftly set the puck in motion that scored an open net goal and the game's fate was sealed.

A good sized crowd was on hand for the Sunday night hockey game as Hudson Bay brought with them a large contingent of supporters who at times gave their team a considerable lift and lots of encouragement. Hudson Bay's team has traditionally been a team of large players and nothing has changed this year, what they lack in skill they make up for in brute force and determination.