Hudson Bay Wins 2-1

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Hudson Bay had lost on this field by a good margin in theirfirst encounter this season and in Hudson Bay Tisdale had enjoyed a three to one win so in this play off game they were not anticipating a win. However, their desire to win and intensity was greater then their opponents and that made the difference. When the game ended and their coach told them how proud he was of them they could not contain their excitement when he explained that not only was winning a surprise but the next playoff game was today in Lanigan. So congratulation Hudson Bay, well done.
Using both digital and video cameras here are some images of the Thursday game.

Below Bob Price squints into the harsh light of the first half and on the right the Tisdale's coach and bench watch the steady pressure Hudson Bay exerted through much of the game while Tisdale was unable to hold their positions and thus reduced their effective scoring plays from earlier games.
Though in general Tisdale players seemed to have more speed and size the Hudson Bay team made up the difference with second effort and determination. Tisdale's quick passes and usual ball control just did not get to this game.

Many of the pictures below have been blended together to give you an impression of the movement and drama of the game.








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