FTLComm - Tisdale - October 15, 1999

It was play-off time for the 1999 high school girl's soccer team Thursday afternoon as they and Hudson Bay played an outstanding game.

Tisdale seemed to lack the desire and combined team effort that was needed to win the game and for much of the first half the play was in front of the Tisdale net. But late in the half the Tisdale team rallied and for a few minutes showed the quick passing and ball control that has allowed them to handle Hudson Bay successfully in the past, so that at the half it was a one to nothing game for Tisdale.

The second half saw the play work its way back and forth around the mid field area then Hudson Bay flooded the Tisdale zone and it was a tied game. Mid way through the second half Tisdale had three scoring drives with quick passing and determined scoring efforts and all three were counted by the goalie and with only minutes left in the game Hudson Bay put in the final goal and that quite simply was that.

The 12C weather was excellent when you compare it to last year's situation and the snow. But the long shadows of the late afternoon saw the temperature plummet Nevertheless there were lots of folks on hand to encourage both teams.

For Hudson Bay it is on to Lanigan today as their play-offs continue. For more pictures of this game go to the "Second Page." (Football play-off this afternoon with Hudson Bay)