FTLComm - Tisdale - March 20, 2000
A year ago today Ensign had a similar picture to the one above as almost hour by hour the snow melts from the base of the trees. Though we have had a mixture of warmer and cooler air over us for the past while it is surprising to see spring arrive completely on cue with the official beginning of the season as the sun begins tracing its daily path North of the Equator and each successive day will have more and more day light until in late June we experience the longest day of the year.

Our back yard is clearing up nicely largely because this year's accumulation of snow was very light. Out in the countryside the fields in our area are completely bare as the moisture from the winter's snowfall sinks into the thawing grown. While this is happening LaRonge received over a foot of snow yesterday and people had trouble driving around last night in that community because many streets were impassable. They expect to be able to ski up there for perhaps another two weeks.

This neighbour was presented with a damp problem yesterday as the large snow banks in their back yard melted and began flooding their lower lot. At noon they ran their pump for a couple of hours and these pictures were taken around six when they were about to once again pump the collected water from their back yard out to the street for it to run away. Fortunately, they are fully equipped for this situation with a gasoline powered pump ready to suck up the water. They expected to have to pump water for about two hours to drain this water that had accumulated.