Soccer Stars in Mexican Bar

Tlaquepaque, Mexico
November 19, 1998
By: Jennifer Shire

I had a pretty good weekend. We went back to Guadalajara on Saturday and spent the day in a suburb, sort of, called Tlaquepaque. I bought a lot gifts for our family because they had really good deals.

Then on Sat night we went to a bar called Carlos and Nachos. We weren't having a very good time because we got kicked from our table and the drinks were really expensive.

Then a friend of mine pointed out a group of black guys in the bar. Two other girls and I introduced ourselves. We thought they were just normal guys hanging out in the bar. The one I was talking to his name was Ezra and he's from Los Angeles and plays for the L.A. Galaxy. I don't know if you know much about soccer but it's an important team in the states.

These guys were invited down here to play against some of the teams down here in an exhibition tour. My frined Mark loves soccer and Ezra played in Iowa where Mark was from. Then we realized that these were actually pretty famous. One guy looked familiar. Have you heard of Marcelo Balboa? He started in the '94 world cup and played this year in France too. He's famous for a kick he did in '94 and is very rich.

It was weird after we found out who they were because they were just like normal people and I knew who Marcelo was because of my friend Danny in Regina who loves soccer. We took lots of pictures. The next day we went to a Chivas soccer game. The people are crazy. We ended up playing with a band in the stands which was quite a different experience.
Tomorrow is international day. I have to dress up like Griselda Alvarez who was the first female governor in Mexico. This coming weekend we are going to Manzanillo. I have one final for spanish class and then only a 2 page and 3 page paper left to do. Classes are over on the 25th and our closing ceremonies are on the 3rd. I'm going to Mexico City on the 9th with my sister for a few days and then I'll be coming home I think on the 14th.

Love Jen

world famous soccer player Marcelo Balboa