The Louvre
Paris, France - Monday, November 8, 2010 by: Michael Townsend

This was my second visit to the Louvre, but this time with a camera. The Louvre was the palace the King gave up to move to Versailles.

Well, I guess it gave future generations a place to put their art. I don't quite understand it myself. Not only is the Louvre filled with priceless art, but the interior itself is a work of magnificent beauty. One could spend many more days wandering this place and each time be struck by its breathtaking splendour.

I envy the students who get to come to the Louvre to draw and hold class. Lucky kids and lucky teachers.

I was very pleased with the camera as none of the pictures were taken with a flash.

So this draws to a close my visit to Paris, a visit that should be on everyones 'bucket list’.

Editor’s note: Michael Townsend created this photo essay just after lunch on October 17, 2010.