Their naivete´ is amazing

Brendaren Farms - Thursday, March 17, 2005 - by: Edwin Wallace
I'm talking about people like Eric Sagan, who's piece you published in Ensign, February 11.
Now, I don't know where Sagan was, when those of us who knew what was going on with the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, back a decade ago, where demanding a vote of the Pool's membership to determine whether it should be turned into a corporate entity trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange or not.
I do know that most of the delegates at that time were convinced that they, and they alone, should have the right to decide; and they, and they alone, were the ones who enabled the whole sordid idea to go to the Saskatchewan Legislature, for approval, in the form of a new or revised Saskatchewan Wheat Pool Act.
That is when the damage was done!  (Not this further ripoff this month. That was expected.)
That is when every member of the legislature save one Bob Lyons of the NDP voted for the new Act.
For the likes of Sagan to have been recently advocating (As it predictably turned out to be; to no avail.) the salvation of the SWP by; get this, "defeat(ing) the proposed share conversion and return full control of the Pool to Class A share holders (farmer Pool members).", is funny in its sillyness to the point of hilarity.
The power of the farmer members was taken away with the change in legislation ten years ago!
In all fairness Mr. Sagan has, in these latter days, expressed the frustration of many farmers like himself who just woke up after being asleep for those ten growing seasons.
There's the old story about putting a stout lock on the barn door  . . . after your horse has been stolen!
Our horse was stolen in the worst business deal of the 20th century.  Now the same old, twitchy, nag is being groomed for sale to another set of crooks.
There was a bunch of members not with us when they should have been Mr. Sagan ( perhaps even you); so, please, quit the blubbering now.

I'm Edwin Wallace


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