The Week of June 28 - July 4

Shirley Holmes - Winnipeg
Satruday, July 4, 1998
YTV television series The Adventures of Shirley Holmes is being shot in a former sugar mill in Winnipeg
CyberCafe - Internet and Capacino
Friday, July 3, 1998
Visit two locations in Winnipeg for this interesting form of business.
CFL Season Opener
Thursday, July 2, 1998
Bombers lose to the Allouettes as Canadian football gets underway for another season.
Little Wings Big Fun
Thursday, July 2, 1998
Explore the world of radio controlled model aircraft flying
In Search of the Wonders of Old
Thursday, Jule 2, 1998
A chance encounter with some old trucks on a flat bed at a truck stop poses some interesting questions.
Canada Day - 1998
Wednesday, July 1, 1998
Cal Cavendish's song celebrating our country's birthday.
Wednesday, July 1, 1998
LouisDreyfus progress Aerial spraying & TMSS playing field
CBC - Our Radio Station
Tuesday, June 30, 1998
Public commerical free radio, information and programming.
Crunch - Victoria Avenue and Ring Road
Tuesday, June 30, 1998
Summer travel brings the dangers of the activity to the forefront as we consider the acceptance the public has for continued road mayhem.
Saskatchewan On the Internet
Monday, June 29, 1998
This article deals with the difficult task of finding information using search engines and directories, with a focus on this province.
House Divided - Zenon Park
Sunday, June 28, 1998
Zenon Park's school controversy threatens community's well-being.