Winter is like dust
FTLComm - Tisdale - Thursday, November 25, 2010

Winter is the kind of thing that reminds me of dust. Dust is an intriguing sort of material, it is the material from which it came from, but is in and of itself the remainder, that which is left, the before and after of what was, or what will be. Winter is like that, the life has gone out of the air, the heat has disappeared from the sky leaving a cold sun and distant stars that give no more heat than the empty and dusty moon that looks down passively upon us, the sentient mortals of this little blue marble of a planet.

Winter, like death is the essence of live. We must have winter so we can once again celebrate the renewal of the plant life cycle with the coming of spring and the maturity of summer. It is hard to imagine the dreariness of those who live in the torrid zone of the planet where the temperatures rarely vary from one day to another and there are no seasons except for hurricanes and the rainy season. So despite the emptiness of winter we in the temperate zone get the full range of what seasonal change is all about and I can not possibly want to live anywhere else.

The photo essay that is included with this page shows the shape of this new winter as it takes shape each day. We have had three storms so far in the winter of 2010 - 2011 and many more to come. Each day the sun rises later and sets earlier as we move now within less than a month of the shortest day of the year. That dark little day that when it is past each day will be just a little longer as we gradually see the promise of our planet's journey around the sun that will take us through the snow and blizzards the bone numbing cold and the black skies with all the water vapour frozen from the thin atmosphere above us.

But, nothing lasts forever, not us, definitely not us, not cold dark days for indeed if winter comes then so surely will there be a spring.