Flower pots return

FTLComm - Tisdale - Wednesday, june 2, 2010

In the dreary rain and with lead skies over head, Monday, May 31 the flower pots that graces the main street in Tisdale made their return for the summer. The pots are fitted out at the Four Seasons Greenhouse west of Tisdale each year and remain on the corners of the streets until things start to freeze up in the fall.

When its time for the flower pots to be put away for the winter the park benches which are a main feature of downtown Tisdale also get their winter rest so it was nice to see them back in their places up and down main street. Though park benches seem like a minor thing they really make a difference to the ambience of the community and play a big part in making the downtown area a people place.

In many communities it would be difficult to have park benches in a downtown area simply because they would damaged or defaced but in Tisdale these islands of rest are respected and all summer long you will see people young and old stopping and sharing time together on these benches.

The flower pots are not easily maintained. A flower lady devotes the summer to tending to the pots and the large flower beds in Cenotaph park. Though the beds are ready it will not be until next week that they flowers will be put out in these displays. In addition to tending the pots Tisdale's Parks and Recreation provide a regular watering service to keep the pots looking great even in difficult weather situations.

Another major park project is currently underway as a walkway, fountain and landscaping of the green area between Chicken Delight and Tisdale Glass is being developed. We will have pictures of this project as it nears completion.