The Week of February 3 to 9, 2008

the Greenwater report
February 5, 2008
by: Gerald Crawford
Los Angeles: As the snow piles grow the scenes that seem familiar are changed as mountains of the stuff seem to blind us from buildings and the surrounding area. Even the structures themselves change as snow hides and masks them as we know them.
Albert Eckart
February 5, 2008
Swift Current: We mark the passing of a family member who contributed to this site with a story or two. Eugene Eckart's snow plane, Eckart's Snowplanes, Tulips, Spring in Swift Current and Swift Current Green House.
Some Tisdale folks have feathers
February 6, 2008
by: Timothy W. Shire
Tisdale: Our human view of reality is often somewhat clouded by the way we obtain what we consider to be the facts of life. It helps us to see things a little more clearly if we consider how things look from the distinguished and intelligent point of view of our feathered friends, the ravens.
Attack on the Canadian Wheat Board
February 7, 2008
by: William Dascavich
Edmonton: The federal government is paying various grain producer groups to oppose the Canadian Wheat Board and make it look like there is farmer support for dismantling the board.
For some "Winning isn't everything it's the only thing"
February 7, 2008
by: Peter Ceighton
Mississauga Ontario: Wajid Khan crossed the floor of the House of Commons leaving the Liberal party to become a loyal supporter of the Conservative Party. He was found guilty of violating the Canada Election Act by over spending $31,000 and was fined a mere $500. So much for integrity and the law of the land.