Jennifer Shire

SoccerStars in Mexican Bar
November 19, 1998
Once more Jennifer Shire lets us in on one of her adventures. Nearing the end of her term in Mexico Jennifer encounters a pair of soccer celebrates.
Bungee Jumping and Volcano Climbing Continued . . .
November 9, 1998
Jennifer Shire elaborates on her latest series of Mexican adventures as she plots to go up the "fire mountain."
I went bungee jumping last weekend and I also climbed the volcano
November 8, 1998
Jennifer Shire, our University student in Mexico, shares with us her adventures, bungee jumping and mountain climbing.
Weekend At the Beach
October 20, 1998
Jennifer Shire tells us about her outstanding weekend where the emphasis was on seafood.
Notes From Guadalajara
October 18,1998
Jennifer Shire describes her own way, her impressions of some of the sites in Guadalajara
Jennifer and the Bulls
September 29, 1998
University student, Jennifer Shire tells of her adventures in San Miguel Mexico this past weekend.