FTLComm - Langbank - November 10, 1998
Actually the picture above was taken in January 1965. The vehicle in the embarrassing spot is this writers 1950 Plymouth. In a hurry to get off to Kipling where I was an incompetent first year teacher. I left the intersection just over the tracks at the top of the picture and caught the edge of the snow as I crossed the tracks and came to this parking spot. This car was fitted with seat belts because of the low skill of the driver but was in many ways a fabulous vehicle. It was remarkably inexpensive costing me $600 at the time and was inordinately luxurious inside.

It did have some rather odd design features. During the movie "Birds" the Alfred Hitchcock thriller, I was soundly whacked by Laurie Schaffer who was sharing the front seat with me at the drive-in that night. The bugs at the Regina drive-in meant that the windows were closed and it was warm in the car, I reached down to the handle that opened the vent that popped up in front of the windshield, Laurie misunderstood.

(related story - 1950 Plymouth - actually a 1952 Plymouth, and also see Lanny Knutson's letter on this topic)