FTLComm - Tisdale - November 2, 1998

This 1950 Plymouth is licensed and can be seen driving around Tisdale lately. It appears to be in excellent shape with original paint and interior. Though not enormously popular in its day these vehicles were many times more durable then their General Motors and Ford counterparts. The vehicle was comfortable with its really big interior but lacked performance. The Chrysler "L" head six cylinder engine that powered this car had been around for almost two decades and was used to power everything from combines to welders. Rated at around eighty horse power in a car it was a low speed engine that could not be used to drive the car at highway speeds of today. With a top speed of about eighty miles an hour it was asking for trouble to cruise this vehicle above fifty as the head would overheat, burn out its gaskets and fry the valves. All engines of this period required a valve job about every thirty thousand miles but the Chrysler "L" head six could require that repair after only a few hundred miles at speeds of over sixty miles an hour.

One of the most disconcerting features of this car was that when the engine was warmed up it was difficult to start and would kill a battery in minutes but a gentle push would start it at is low as three or four miles an hour. Chrysler continued to produce vehicles with this engine up until it produced the radically designed tailfined 57 which almost destroyed the car manufacturer.

But, in its time the 1950 Plymouth stood for conservative style, comfort and sensible speeds.

Editor's note: I stand corrected, the car on this page has been identified by Lanny Knutson as a 1952 Plymouth, for the complete details on this car check out his excellent letter. Also check out My Plymouth.