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6 who do not have a web presence. A customer will go to a business because a friend said he had seen their web site, even though he himself may not even own a computer. This associative phenomena is a part of the nature of a culture that buys products because they are endorsed by wealthy athletes, or well known personalities. If you want to test this, just look at the next ten people you meet and see what advertising they are walking around displaying themselves, and doing so proudly, so that they will be recognised for knowing what is good. From senior citizens to toddlers,a badge on a baseball cap, a team crest of a professional sports team on a jacket, the slick symbol of a shoe manufacturer on a shirt, the pen in the pocket, the pocket of their jeans. All of these examples identify the individual as a person who is discerning and carries on the tradition of providing their own personal endorsement of retail products.
A web page universal resource locator (URL ( http://www.ftlcomm.com) on an advertisement is a distinctive affirmation that the company placing the add is progressive and has already embraced the future. The URL itself is perhaps more important to the consumer then the content of the website. For this reason, there is remarkable completion for domain names, distinctive to the company (ftlcomm.com). The ownership of the domain is considered a valuable property in itself.
The difficult problem for thecorporation is, what should go on that web site, not if they should have one. There are three distinct types of sites. The most basic identifier site is most common and all major manufacturers support their dealers by setting up a page or a paragraph that mentions the dealer, but this rarelygrants the dealer a distinct URL. But, even if the URL includes the manufacturer's name, the URL even without a distinct company name, is better then no URL at all. Many companies establish an inexpensive, or free web site and do not worry about the company URL and such sites are effective and can be used in paper advertising. The second type of web site establishes a distinct URL but the site itself is less elaborate, concentrating on the company's fixed nature, its business structure and business practices. Many of the largest corporations rely on this form of website. The third category of site is a much more comprehensive site that includes product information, data on the company, its employees and its commitment to the customer. Sites of the third category are actually in the majority with varying degrees of detail. Interestingly, many of thehigh tech companies and home based businesses have seen this realm as a means of giving themselves an edge, as they launch their business relying on the web for their income. It is unfortunate but reality, that this route is rarely successful. The reason being, that the web is not a sales vehicle, it is an information vehicle and must go hand in hand with the other
URL is the advertisement
Identifier website
General website
Details website
Saturday, June 13, 1998