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7 marketing strategies of a company. No business can grow without service, no business can grow without mixed product lines and no business in the future can expect to survive without a web presence.
Let us take a minute and consider just what is a web site. It is important to know when you begin to work your mind around electronic media, little, if anything, is what it seems. Smoke and mirrors is the norm, not the exception. A web page is not a page at all, but instead is a set of instructions transmitted to a computer over an online connection that tells the connecting computer where to get the elements that make up the apparent (virtual page). Only the text and colour instructions are in those htmlinstructions. The pictures, animations, logos, background are all separate pieces that can be stored on any computer hard drive connected continuously to the network with an active domain. If you visit our latest picture page on Greenwater Provincial Parkthe text is passed on to your computer from SaskTel's server located in Regina. The pictures are located in a file on that same server, but close to the bottom of the page is a QuickTime VR, a panorama image of the lake. That image is downloaded from another web site server on another network miles from the other information, however it could just as easily been from a server in Spain. The image that you see, text, pictures and other elements are composed on your computer'sscreen as dictated by the html instructions, but, the setting on your machine will determine the ultimate appearance. We recently discovered that PC type computers, because of their default settings, rarely see a very large screen and one of the selection palettes on the right hand side of the screen was not visible without scrolling, because the print on the rather primitive Intel based machines is so large. So now we have even taken the text on that page and turned it into pictures and this produces uniformity by viewing computers and all can see the aesthetically appropriate right hand palette.
The basic elements that make use of the Internet are Email, news groups, FTP, web sites, chat channels, game playing, event broadcastingand push technology. I have mentioned the first four of these but the last four are somewhat different in their nature.
Chat channelsare servers where the visitor connects real time
and the exchange of type, audio or video (sometimes all
three) takes place simultaneously from individual to
individual. This is a very dynamic means of communication
and is extremely popular especially with adolescents and
young people in general. Video conferencing is likely to be
considered part of this Internet capability although dedicated
conferencing systems require additional hardware and
software the possibility of simple conferencing seems about
Saturday, June 13, 1998
Elements of a web page
What's on the Internet