Premier Roy Romanow flip-flops on Farm Aid
and confirms his hypocrisy

By Mario deSantis, February 29, 2000

shrank this province to greatness We have been saying all along that Premier Roy Romanow is a hypocrite leader(1) who has
balanced the budget(2) and who has shrank this province to greatness for the few and
privileged(3). Therefore, I was pleased to find out that journalists are becoming more vocal
in criticizing Premier Romanow's leadership.
government as short on principles as on cash In particular, the article "Farm aid cynical(4)" depicts this government as short on principles as
on cash. This article reports that Ottawa and Saskatchewan have struck a deal worth about $300
million, with $180 million coming from the feds and the rest from the province. I have no deep
knowledge of the problems affecting the farm crisis, but what is very relevant in this article is the
recognition that Premier Romanow is a flip flop leader, that is a confirmed hypocrite.
the greatness of the Canadian federation The deal was reached even though Roy Romanow has stated that the farm crisis was a federal
problem, that Saskatchewan was being alienated and forgotten by Ottawa, that Saskatchewan
was giving notice to pull out of the AIDA program. The deal has reversed all of these positions,
and a content Roy Romanow has begun talking about the greatness of the Canadian federation.


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