The Incredible Abuse of Saskatchewan

No-Fault Insurance (Part 2)

Nipawin - June 1, 2000 - By: Mario deSantis and reviewed by James deSantis

Part 1

The governmental environment and their sponsored researches  
Dr. David Cassidy's study on No-Fault Insurance  

Part 2

Dr. Cassidy's study doesn't make common sense,
it is just an adulteration of numbers




Dr. Cassidy received a grant in the order of at
least a million dollar from SGI

Today's report is the second in a four part series posted each day for the
rest of this week dealing with these issues that revolve around SGI's
no-fault insurance programme and
their efforts to validate it through ambitious pseudo research.




Changing definitions of whiplash injury, and the
proxy of settlement date as the recovery date




The limitations of statistics as expressed by George H. Gallup





-----Dr. Cassidy's study doesn't make common sense, it is just an adulteration of numbers

of statistics

In many of my past articles, I have shown that the biggest policy directions of this government are
driven by the number game, which includes the manipulation or adulteration of statistics related to
our social and economic conditions. Dr. Cassidy's study is another exercise of futility, a waste of
taxpayers' money, and a symptomatic consequence of the bad faith of this government and of its
fraudulent practices perpetrated in health care(1), in workers' compensation(2), and in governmental

data that is inexplicably missing

Dr. Michael Freeman(3) and Dr. Harold Merskey(4) have analysed Dr. Cassidy's study and they
both have discounted the scientific validity of this study within the accepted framework of statistical
analysis. In particular, Dr. Freeman has stated "This is one of the most misleading studies that I have
ever come across. There are so many problems with this superficially impressive study that it is
difficult to know where to begin" while Dr. Merskey has alternatively dismissed the relevance of
this study by saying "The inconsistencies in the New England Journal article with respect to data
and data management, and the problem with data that is inexplicably missing, exceed by far anything
acceptable in a peer review journal."

fraudulent statement

One of the basic premise of this study was to show that within an accepted and standardized
definition of whiplash injury the No-Fault insurance system would provide the recovered injured
people with better health and better physical conditions than under the previous Tort-Compensation
system. Dr. Cassidy's conclusions that "the elimination of compensation for pain and suffering is
associated with a decreased incidence and improved prognosis of whiplash injury" is a fraudulent
  statement per se!

Dr. Cassidy's study violates this basic tenet

How can the change to the No-Fault insurance system affect immediately the incidence of whiplash
claims if the same definition of claim is maintained as per the Tort-Compensation system? One of
the tenet of statistics is the opportunity to repeat independent experiments, and Dr. Cassidy's study
violates this basic tenet.
  How can Dr. Cassidy provide reasonable evidence that the change to the No-Fault insurance
system with different rehabilitation and administrative regulatory programs can improve the
  recovery time of the injured by two times as much compared to the Tort-Compensation when

recovery time

i) the recovery time is equated to claim settlement,

suffer pain

ii) the same injured people under No-Fault, state that they still suffer pain after
----their supposed claim settlement,

coerced and harassed

iii) the same injured people under No-Fault, state that they have been coerced and
-----administratively harassed to either settle the claim or follow specific
-----rehabilitation program(5);

Thomas Wakeling
as chair

iv) Justice Thomas Wakeling resigns as chair from the supposed independent
----governmental review committee of the No-Fault system, states that the job was
----too stressful for him, and as a sign of contempt for the governmental
----interference charges the government close to $13,000 dollars for a total of
----fourteen days on the committee(6) and

No-Fault is unfair

v) Dr. Jim Melenchuck, prior to becoming Minister of Education with this
----government, has expressed his own unpleasant experiences as a doctor with the
----No-Fault insurance system(7) and has specifically stated "No-Fault is unfair, it
----is unjust, and it is unhealthy(8)"?

against the common sense

No, it doesn't make common sense to say that under No-Fault insurance whiplash victims are
emotionally and physically better than under the Tort-Compensation system. This study is against
of people and therefore it is a fraud for all the present whiplash victims in
Saskatchewan. And if this No-Fault legislation is not repealed, this study is going to be a chronic
fraud perpetrated by this government against all the people of Saskatchewan.
-----------References & Endnotes:
  Quote by Donella Meadows "challenging a paradigm is not a part-time job. It is not sufficient to make your point once and then blame the world for not getting it. The world has a vested interest in, a commitment to, not getting it. The point has to be made patiently and repeatedly, day after day after day"
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