The Internet is changing
our lifestyles and our laws

Nipawin - September 14, 2000 - by: Mario deSantis

they keep me informed

It has been sometime that I have not been writing about new technologies and trends in
doing business with the Internet. But, I must say that in one way or another I have been
keeping an open eye on what is going on; mostly because of Timothy Shire's writings(1),
my independent reading, and also because my two sons James and Rico are attending
university and they keep me informed of what they are doing.



24 hour/day connectivity

Last Friday, Timothy sent me an e-mail in which he described that eCommerce, that is
the opportunity to use the Internet for buying and selling, is really dead and that all the
functions explicated by any organization would revolve on the 24 hour/day connectivity
with the Internet. Therefore, word processing, buying and selling, communicating,
scheduling people and appointments, keeping diaries, learning, teaching, keeping inventory,
banking, paying taxes, keeping the books, and so many other functions will all be performed
within the connectivity of the Internet.




Timothy calls this new trend to be connected and perform these organizational functions
appCommerce as opposed to eCommerce. As Timothy let me ponder on this new business
and lifestyle development of the Internet, I receive the next day a call from James. James is
completing his MBA program at the University of North Dakota and he gave me the surprise
of calling me through the Internet, that is at no charge(2).



learn how to play the guitar

I became very excited about this Internet call and I reiterated to him the interest to keep up
with everything affecting the use of the Internet. So, he has been using the Internet to learn
how to play the guitar, he is realizing the importance of communicating through the Internet
and has therefore bought his own web site's name, and lately he has been interested in the
new trend of listening to music, again, through the Internet.



Internet is revolutionizing our way of living

Rico has been interested in the Internet mostly for listening to music and watch movies(3),
but as a second year university student in electrical engineering he will undoubtedly extend
his interest in the scientific and technological applications of the Internet. The Internet is not
a tool for doing better our business, it is becoming part of our environment, affecting business,
lifestyle, culture and laws(4). Yes, the Internet is revolutionizing our way of living; and thinking
about a previous writing of mine(5), our judges are becoming the real heros in struggling to
shape up new laws for a new age while our conservative business magnates try to keep the
status quo and litigate for their rights to be knighted(6).


Timothy Shire is the Publisher of Ensign


At a time when we are heading to free of charge national and international telephone calls, our public corporation SaskTel is taking advantage of its taxpayers. Refer to the article Running the Business at SaskTel


An extract from Napster heralds new business model, by Jeremy Rifkin, August 28, 2000 MCNBC.COM "...Napster's place in history may extend far beyond the e-commerce world. The Web site is a snappy upstart company that facilitates the free downloading of music tracks for millions of music lovers..."


Letter from the President, Dan Rodrigues, President and Co-Founder, Scour, Inc. Scour Technology Freedom Center


The National Post and Judge John Reilly, by Mario deSantis, September 8, 2000


Conrad Black alleges PM abused authority in advice to Queen Ontario court of appeal: Chrétien prevented appointment to House of Lords, lawyer says, Francine Dubé, National Post, September 13, 2000