Contributors Index

Since the beginning of Ensign in May of 1998 a number of contributors have appeared on these pages, click on the author below for a separate page listing each individual's contributions.
As Editor of Ensign, most articles appearing in the publication reflect the work of Timothy W. Shire but we have singled out the individual editorial and opinionated pieces for the contributor's index.

Mario deSantis though he traces his roots back to Italy has spent most of his life here in Saskatchewan where he and his wife have raised their family. Mario is a health care administration professional who passionately has dedicated himself to the positive growth and development of Saskatchewan.
Michael Townsend made his home in Saskatoon for many years and taught in Beauval and Red Earth. He now is teaching at Sa-Hali Secondary School in Kamloops British Columbia where he is Coordinator of Business Education. Michael has brought to Ensign a wide range of adventures and a zest for life.

Edwin Wallace is a farmer first and foremost but he enjoyed his time as a political insider and is gaining a reputation as an inventor and environmental clever applier of technology. Brendaren Farms is located North of Swift Current near Stewart Valley and South of Kyle.

Jennifer Shire is in her second year of University at the Univeristy of Regina and has finished doing a semester at Colima Mexico. Jennifer grew up in Kelliher Saskatchewan where her family still makes their home. Jennifer is a multi-talented individual who competed in provincial track and field as a middle distance runner, a zone volleyball player, figure skating instructor and taught keyboard music in Regina.

Jacob Zunti is a Saskatoon game developer, legal authority and political activist. His fabulous board game, Pentagonia, is a remarkable achievement
Paul Kusiak is a grade ten student at Tisdale Middle and Secondary School and part of this year's programme involves a work experience programme and he is doing that as a reporter at Ensign. Paul has moved on to other adventures and finished up the semester at Extra Foods.

James deSantis iJames F. deSantis recently acquired his MBA from the University of North Dakota. He is currently teaching an accounting course in Shanghai, China as part of a joint business program between the University of Shanghai for
Science and Technology and the University of North Dakota.
Jean Knaggs is a computer consultant at the University of Cape Town South Africa where she is the person staff and students turn to for help and service in keeping the computer systems running. Intensely involved in various organisations with in her church community and as a deaf translator she has time to enjoy her two children and dash off a story for Ensign now and then.

Carey Heilman lives in Regina where he is in the midst of going through a computer training programme. Carey has long been an advocate of those individuals who come into difficulty with Saskatchewan's Workers Compensation Board. In Ensign he provides with his wit and concern about social situations in his own unique way.