President George W. Bush and former Enron CEO Kenneth Lay

The Truth of the Free Market and its Bubbles:
A puffed up leadership becomes more puffed up with their economic predictions

Nipawin - Monday, February 11, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis


"People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices"

Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations



We have gotten tired of being lied to by puffed up leaders. We began to identify the puffed up leadership in the Saskatchewan health care environment, and then we took off from there to touch the many different social and economic problems of the Free Market. As I learn of the continuing saga of puffed up president George Bush and of his hypocritical behaviour before and after 9-11, I realize that the sun continues to come up every morning, and that it is president Bush that has been changing the world affairs for the worse as more collateral damage is incurred in Afghanistan and as the cycle of violence continues to divide people in the Middle East.




We have been covering different social events under the understanding that the world has become too complex to look for ever focused or narrow minded solutions for our problems. It is in the interest of the puffed up leaders that we have focused solutions rather than solutions for the common good, it is in the interest of puffed up leaders that our schools become factories to produce skilled youth rather than good citizens, it is in the interest of the puffed up leaders to have a justice system representing more the interest of the Free Market rather than the fundamental interest of people's lives.




We can go on and on in describing the social predicament caused by these puffed up leaders, but the basic understanding is that the gospel of the Free Market is a puffed up doctrine invented by the puffed up leaders.




This morning I have been indulging on the term 'puffed up' and this has occurred as I have been identifying the financial bubbles of the Free Market as they burst, the bubbles or white lies of politicians as they become their criminal charges, the bubbles or lies of economists as they defend the Free Market and turn it to become the BIG LIE. It is time to set out our social priorities for our own common good and this entails us getting away from narrow focused solutions, that is comparing apples with apples at an infinitesimal smaller level of our social understanding.


Our common good is being taken away by the puffed up leaders and it is time to relate apples with oranges. Yesterday, we found the relationship between No Fault insurance in Saskatchewan and the No Fault administration of the axis Bush/Cheney; and to day I find another relationship between another apple and another orange, that is the myth that productivity has increased the wages of people versus the truth that this productivity measure has been a scam of politicians and economists to enrich fortunate sons as they have been puffing up their financial company stocks, playing with their insider knowledge of the real values of the stocks and stealing even more from people as the value of the stocks would eventually burst.

we are

The moral of this story is that politicians and business gurus are telling us lies with their own economic predictions as they use these same predictions of the Free Market to continually defraud common people little by little.
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