'30 Rock' Saskatchewan Express
FTLComm - Greenwater Lake Provincial Park - Monday, July 12, 2010

It is pretty hard to estimate the size of the crowd that gather on the lawns of Greenwater Lake Provincial Park to enjoy this year's concert by Saskatchewan Express but the parking area was jammed and it was trees to beach people. The last time we had seen a Saskatchewan Express show was back in July of 2001 when they were at the Park. I remember that being an outstanding show and noticed this year's show did not have the multiple costume changes that was part of the show at that time. But, what this show had was an outstanding composition. The numbers were blended together exquisitely so that from the moment the show began until the standing ovation ninety minutes later it was a continuous production of song and dance that spanned the thirty years the Saskatchewan Express has been performing in the province.

I wish now that I had recorded more clips for you but I only have three parts of numbers but they give you an idea of the variety and versatility of the production. The show started out with several numbers from the very popular television programme "Glee" then progressed to reviewing some of the songs over the years including one Shania Twain number, three Supremes songs, a great rendition of "Respect" and some solid dance numbers.

This year's company has only two dancers where as in other years they have had as many as four performers who were not singing dancer performers. Saskatchewan Express has always been able to put the song and dance numbers together so that there is lots of action and this year's show seemed to be much tighter.