The Week of December 27, 1998 to January 2, 1999

End of Year Feasting
December 27, 1998
A consideration of the custom of feasting during the Christmas to New Year's part of the year by Timothy W. Shire.
Beechcraft Stagger Wing
December 28, 1998
General Aviation got its beginnings in the miracle of 1932.
Leroy's Bad Dream - Tombstones
December 29, 1998
Edwin Wallace explain's his concerns about the profitability of the array of inland terminals.
Security!!! In Tisdale!
December 30, 1998
Zellers is already into the process of converting its Tisdale Mall outlet into a new format "Best Value".
Soon Snow Will Be Here
December 30, 1998
A service station sign declares that soon the snow will be here and it is correct, though temperatures are down the amount of snow in the area is very light.
Sonia's Pizza Opens In Tisdale
December 31, 1998
Ending the old year with a new business start as Sonia's Pizza opens on main street and ready to begin the new.
Tisdale RecPlex January Schedule
January 1, 1999
Find out what's happening on the January calendar of events.
Tisdale Heads Into The Last Year of the Century
January 1, 1999
Here is a QuickTime VR panorama of Tisdale from its outskirts with some reflections about its past year and the next.
1999 New Year Predictions
January 1, 1999
Vowing not to do it the impulse was to strong and yet another New Year predictions have been produced. Each picture has a link.
The Best of Christmas Lights
January 2, 1999
Some great pictures of a few houses but an interesting set of animatied gif images of a yard in daylight and at night.