The Week of February 28 to March 6 - 1999

New G3 Pro - Yosemite
February 27, 1999
The new machine came in yesterday and here is a review of it and the practical use of such impressive technology.
Saturday, Shiny and Bright
February 27, 1999
A picture of this great morning and Data's take on things.
Tomorrow look for an informative article on the changes brought about by the Supreme Court ruling on Friday and Mario deSantis explains the practical and postive educational trend toward System Dynamics.
Systems Dynamics in Education: Systems Thinking and Systems Dynamics
February 28, 1999
Mario deSanatis explains the need to put things together and how this educational process offers a means to that end.
North East Bantam - Sask First Team
February 28, 1999
Find out about the selection process for provincial and junior hockey teams.
Mating Rituals and Sexual Conduct
February 28, 1999
A recent Canadian Supreme Court ruling has forced us to reconsider the interactions between the sexes this article tries to offer some clarification and suggestions.
Welcome To March
March 1, 1999
With fog about and all that it entails take a look at things from a lamb's point of view.
March Light
March 2, 1999
Come along on a ride to Saskatoon and back on Monday afternoon, take in the sights and perhaps gain some insights.
It Looks Like Spring (February 98)
March 3, 1999
This photo essay was made on the second week of February last year. It is interesting to compare the scenes then and now.
The Limitations of Perceptual Reality Part 3 : Where is God?
March 4, 1999
After considering how we preceive then what we preceive it is time to consider the ultimate perception. This exploration is conducted by Timothy W. Shire

March 5, 1999
The snow storm the whipped around Southern Saskatchewan missed us and though it is cool at -21 and we have gusting winds this morning as you can see at 8:00 it promises to be a nice day. That is very thin cloud near the horizon that is giving us that fuzzy sunrise. Enjoy Friday, it only comes once a week.
Just A Little White Stuff
March 5, 1999
Mike Townsend fills us in with a couple of pictures on a surprise snowfall in Kamloops, British Columbia's desert valley.
Fritjof Capra: The Theory of Living Systems.Part 1
March 6, 1999
James deSantis tells us the story and explains the development of one of the most renown thinkers of our time. This is part one of a three part series, Part 2 will be seen on Monday and Part 3 on Tuesday.