Michael Townsend

Breast Cancer Fund Raiser
October 4, 1999
Breast Cancer awareness project at Sa-hal High School in Kamloops. Students and school secretary have heads shaved after raising $3,200.
Preparing To Mount The Mount
July 22, 1999
Michael Townsend tells us of his plans to tackle Mount Robson next summer and gives us a preview with some pictures taken a week ago.
Fun Run
July 15, 1999
Here's your opportunity to go on a Harley Davidson motorcycle weekend. Mike Townsend and his camera let us ride along and peek into this metal sub-culture. This article has a lot of outstanding pictures so it will take a moment or two to load.
High Temperatures Melt Snow in Rockies
June 25, 1999
Michael Townsend has provided us with a look at the preculiar flooding conditions that affect his community. Lots of great pictures so this page will take a moment or two to load.
Just A Little White Stuff
March 5, 1999
Mike Townsend fills us in with a couple of pictures on a surprise snowfall in Kamloops, British Columbia's desert valley.
This Odd House - Skylight
February 24, 1999
Michael Townsend shows us an odd design on a renovated house in Kamloops.
Sa-Hali Secondary School Red Dress Day
February 14, 1999
Michael Townsend sends us a couple of pictures of students taking time to raise some money for a good cause.
Dale Warke Shows in Vancouver
February 2, 1999
Saskatoon artist has show of his work in the Vancouver Library. This short article presents some of the pictures from the show and the artist.
I got three "Goes!" before I release
October 16, 1998
Michael Townsend shares with us his weekend skydiving adventure.
Bear and the Mountain
September 21, 1998
Michael Townsend takes us for a hike up Mount Paul at Kamloops and lets us look around. Great pictures from a great hike.
Mission Classic Drag Races
September 14, 1998
Michael Townsend takes us on a personal tour of the culture revolving around classic cars, their restoration and racing. This is a car lovers article, with some great images of some special vehicles.
Fumbled Focus
August 5, 1998
An editorial by Michael Townsend on the shift in focus by the University of Saskatchewan in Education and Psychology as reflected in texts for course material.
To A Higher Level: Day 6, Duct Tape to the Rescue
July 31, 1998
This is the last in the breath-taking account of Michael Townsend's journal from mountaineering school
To A Higher Level: Day Five:Crevasses and Knee Caps
July 30, 1998
Michael Townsend tells his story of crevasse rescues and trauma.
To A Higher Level: Day Four: Mount Rhonda
July 29, 1998
Michael Townsend's Journal from Mountaineering school takes us along up Mount Rhonda.
To A Higher Level: Day Three, Mount Gordon
July 28, 1998
Michael Townsend's saga continues with dramatic images from atop the Canadian Rockies.
To A Higher Level: Day Two The Curse of the Knees
Monday, July 27, 1998
First day of climbing.
To A Higher Level: Day One, Ascent to Camp
July 26, 1998
Michael Townsend takes us with him in a six part day by day journal to mountaineering school, this is the first article in the series.
Graffiti: The Art of Alienation,
Saturday, June 13, 1998
Michael Townsend provides some examples of New York street car graffiti and defends the practice.