Timothy W. Shire

To Boldly Go
November 19, 1999
In a way the tales of Gene Rodenberry that we all know of as Star Trek are stories about what we are. Are we stuck in some kind of time loop where we keep having to repeat the tragic mistakes of the past, infinitely? We settled the issue of publicly funded medical care in this province in 1962 yet here we are thirty seven years later struggling with the same issue.
What's It Take to Get Noticed?
November 8, 1999
The rules of advertising are applied to the plight of prairie farmers with some surprising suggestions.
All Hallows Eve
October 31, 1999
Ghosts, gobblins and cookie monsters will take to the streets as the sun sets tonight. Fare you well.
Capturing Light
October 25, 1999
At 8:00 this morning this shaft of light found its way into our back yard. More sun, and moon pictures can be seen by clicking on this picture.
Economic Cleansing
October 29, 1999
We all expected that the Prime Minister would say "no" to the premier but no one predicted such a complete lack of understanding of the situation. Read more about this amazing situation in the article.
Machinery Operators Wanted
October 17, 1999
Today we consider a "what if" scenario as our way of life continues to change what will things be like in the years to come on the prairies.
Will It Matter At All If There Is Spring?
October 18, 1999
This picture was taken at 0900 this morning looking into the wind to the North North West provokes some thoughts on location.
Pass The Potatoes
October 20, 1999
A nostalgic look at sharing food together in a community setting, in keeping with the "fall supper" season.
Hockey Sisters
October 11, 1999
Today, this thanksgiving day we take you to the Saturday Bantam "AA" hockey game between Tisdale and Melfort and we look at how competitive hockey becomes a family event.
Pasture Talk
October 13, 1999
A conversation with what have become a pair of old friends.
Let Your Mind Play With Thoughts
October 3, 1999
With threats and samples of snow flurries all of Saturday the day closed with a rather brilliant farewell The picture above was taken at 5:45 as the clouds breaking up. There will be some more of these pictures and some commentary that might challenge you.
"Oh Give Me A Home"
October 7, 1999
This morning we are taking a look at the ramifications of the Marshal judgement by the Supreme Court. .
From My Office Wall
September 27, 1999
This morning I want you to meet some people, a random selection of portraits of individuals as they looked many years ago.
The Coalition of 99
September 30, 1999
Timothy Shire voices his opinion on this morning's development in Saskatchewan politics.
And Man Shall Have Dominion
September 21, 1999
An editorial on what can make things better, not just for ourselves but for our species by Timothy W. Shire.
So You Think It Doesn't Matter
September 14, 1999
This is how Monday ended with a flashy fiery sunset. The low cloud broke up during the night so that we could see the Northern lights but the temperature though it hovered just above zero, did not cross the line and by morning a few of these same clouds are still floating around.

Check out a discussion on the concerns about apathy as they relate to the coming election and to community life in general.

We Won!
September 17, 1999
This is the view of this morning's sunrise at 0630 which is proof that despite the election the sun did come up this morning. Read about the most unusual election in this province's history.
Virus MDBF-B
September 10, 1999
I'm back, and what a ride. Read about the trauma of a massive computer glitch that sent me to Winnipeg and back to repair the dama
The Saskatchewan Way
August 26, 1999
Timothy Shire presents his opinions on the provincial election and the platform set forth by the government. His main point is that platform and policy are not what is said but what has been done.
Things I Have Learned
August 11, 1999
Old age and confusion do not stop the learning process, I am constantly being surpirsed at simple facts that I need or enjoy knowing.
It Doesn't Get Any Better!
August 8, 1999
Timothy Shire having enjoyed his breakfast is concerned about the stories in the morning news and how most could be solved with pancakes.
A View From A Bridge
August 7, 1999
Some pictures and reflections upon the special nature of Saskatchewan's small streams and their little valleys.
Let's Face It
August 2, 1999
We all wear one in one form or another, some days I see a lot of people with face trouble, but this article deals with the human face, our non-verbal communicative device.
Camping In Black and White
August 1, 1999
A look back at a vacation in 1983 and some black and white pictures of a part of that trip.
July 31, 1999
Today's article on continued low grain values deals with the need to recognise the simple fact that government will not and has not been interested in the agricultural economy and matters must be taken into hand by the farmers themselves.
A Day Like Any Other
July 26, 1999
This morning we consider what has happened to Sunday. How can we regain what has been lost?
In The Blink Of An Eye
July 10, 1999
While snapping a picture important information is missed revealing some interesting concepts about what we think is happening.
Winnipeg of the Past
Jule 3, 1999
This photographic look at the older portion of Winnipeg's business district poses far more questions then it does answers.
What is a Child?
June 26, 1999
This article with pictures from the earliest part of this century deals with a family and what where the expectations of childhood and the expectations for that child's life.
Disaster For Farmers - Inconvenience For Government
June 21, 1999
A serious explanation of why the Federal programme for South Eastern Saskatchewan is a very big error in judgement and what faces farmers in the area. This article is by Stu Innes of Regina.
No Time To Stand and Stare
June 18, 1999
A set of great cow pictures.
As Long As the Grass Grows And The Sun Shines
June 17, 1999
As promised earlier in the week, here are some suggestions that will bring us toward a resolution of the tragic situation of Canada's First Nations people.
Second Cast Citizens
June 14, 1999
This article explains the situation and does not solve it, but this is the first step, understanding what we have to deal with.
June - A Time For Weddings
June 12, 1999
A wedding picture and commentary on a couple's life together.
June 3, 1999
A discussion about the passage of time and how we figure things out.
May 25, 1999
Interspecies communication leads to startling discovery.
How About An Adventure
May 19, 1999
Some breathtaking pictures of a family adventure. This article is on a single page so it take a moment or two to load but it is well worth the wait.
Mother's Day 1980
May 14, 1999
A mother and her three sons, some pictures and memories.
Success With and Without Struggle - But Success
May 13, 1999
This is a text document on child development and learning. You might want to print this as it is difficult to read a document like this on screen.
I Wish I May, I Wish I Might!
May 10, 1999
An old film reveals wishes and how they really can come true.
Vi-Co - A Milk By Any Other Name . . .
April 30, 1999
A nostolgic look at the brown cow.
The Most Serious Threat to a "Safe School" Is Complacency
April 29, 1999
A review of the past week and a letter from a concerned parent about the readiness of TMSS to handle an emergency.
Safety At School
April 21, 1999
Reflecting on the serious of loss of life in Colorado yesterday here are some practical measures a school can take to better prepare itself for situations almost to horrible to imagine.
Never Go Under
April 20, 1999
A child wants to get across a railway track with a stopped train on it, he or she ducks under and attempts to crawl to the other side, the train lurches forward a belt catches a bolt on the underside of the train or on a tie--- body parts.
Thar Be Dragons
April 15, 1999
Sometimes the choice between right and wrong is clear cut and when we are able to spot those times we are compelled to act.
Saskatchewan Nurses On Strike!
April 8, 1999
Shameful development in the continuing healthcare saga of this province.
We Have A Problem
March 24, 1999
A close look at soil conditions in the Tisdale area as it relates to moisture content and what that means for this year's planting.
"Conscience Doth Make Cowards Of Us All"
March 24, 1999
A brief explanation of the history of Yugoslavia and the situation that has lead to today's bombing in the area. (Photo at right from Canadian aircraft archive.)
Great Expectations
March 16, 1999
People of all ages life on a single concept and that is hope and the expectations of what is to come.
Horse Talk
March 9, 1999
An interview with three of Tisdale's biggest citizens.

The Limitations of Perceptual Reality Part 3 : Where is God?

March 4, 1999
After considering how we preceive then what we preceive it is time to consider the ultimate perception. This exploration is conducted by Timothy W. Shire
Mating Rituals and Sexual Conduct
February 28, 1999
A recent Canadian Supreme Court ruling has forced us to reconsider the interactions between the sexes this article tries to offer some clarification and suggestions.
The Limitations of Perceptual Reality Part 3 : Where is God?
March 4, 1999
After considering how we preceive then what we preceive it is time to consider the ultimate perception. This exploration is conducted by Timothy W. Shire
The Limitations of Perceptual Reality - Part 2
February 25, 1999
Timothy Shire deals with apparitions and black holes in his second of a three part series on what is real.
The Limitations of Perceptual Reality
February 19, 1999
Find out about dreams, memory and what we think we see. Part one of a two part essay.
To Seek An Older World
February 11, 1999
The way we humans learn is examined in this article that discusses some experimental short course projects.
Changing - First What We Do - Then What We Are
February 9, 1999
Considering the social and cultural affects of a modern world.
Promises And Predictions
February 4, 1999
In the light of possible extended years of low commodity pricing this article considers alternatives and possible course of action, plus some great pictures of the Harvest Valley facility.
The Family - In Search Of Ourselves
January 27, 1997
Timothy Shire tells you about his grandfather's family, their trials and tribulations as he begins a series of articles on the concept of "the family."
Playground Fortress
January 29, 1999
There is no adult rationality to play, for it is a thing unto and for itself alone. Here are some pictures of Tisdale Elementary children enjoying the warmer winter weather and the new snow that has swept over their domain.

There Is No Going Back
January 21, 1999
Some philosophical pondering by Timothy Shire about nostalgia and what it means for us as we accumulate experience.

New Technologies Make A Difference

January 13, 1999
This article explains how the most recent developments with computers and servers can impact on education and the learning environment.
MacWorld Expo In San Francisco Establishes New Computer Trends
January 7, 1999
This is a complete report on the major announcements at the MacWorld conference with some indicates as to how this will affect public computer products in general.
1999 New Year Predictions
January 1, 1999
Vowing not to do it the impulse was to strong and yet another New Year predictions have been produced. Each picture has a link.
End of Year Feasting
December 27, 1998
A consideration of the custom of feasting during the Christmas to New Year's part of the year by Timothy W. Shire.
The One Thousandth Nine-Hundred Ninety-Eighth Christmas
December 25, 1998
A Christmas discussion
A Matter of Trust
December 17, 1998
A long winded Timothy Shire editorial about news media and what we should not believe. It would be easier to read this if you print it out. Sorry about it being so long, but well you see. . . . . .
Thursday December 10, A Bad News Day
December 10, 1998
A commentary on today's news as seen through Jacob Marley's ghostly eyes.
What About Smoking?
December 3, 1998
Timothy Shire considers the smoker's problem. Make your Christmas gift to your family your pledge to quit smoking.
The "I Wonder" Weed!
November 27, 1998
Timothy Shire discusses marijuana and its use as a recreational substance. We always try to present issues in Ensign with pictures but in this case, though pictures exist, they can not be used, so you must experience this story in a text only format.

Saskatchewan - the most dangerous place to work in the Industrial world.
Workers Compensation Board, Using the System

Macintosh This Past Year
November 18, 1998
This is a full conference presentation including slides and oral commentary by Timothy Shire on the revolution in computing that has taken place during this past year. This requires QuickTime 3.0.
Still There After 36 Years!
November 10, 1998
A personal look back at November 1962.
The BS Factor
November 5, 1998
Timothy Shire takes a puzzled look at "backsliding" as it affects social programmes.
Uncertain Times
October 31, 1998
The predicted stock market crash of 98 has been avoided for this month, but no one is sighing yet.
More Cutbacks At CN
October 23, 1998
Canadian National Railroad continues to reduce its workforce and is reaching the point where its can no longer be counted on to provide service
May We Be Truly Thankful
October 11, 1998
Timothy Shire shares his thoughts on thanks giving
Time Marches On
September 29, 1998
Abandoned farm buildings and their purpose raise questions about the speed of change in the agricultural scene of today and the future.
Life After Debt
September 26, 1998
Timothy Shire's editorial on world economic conditions and the need for a World Bill of rights.
The Starr Report - Democracy - Sexuality
September 16, 1998
Every news cast features the raging scandal in American politics, what does all this mean and does it have an effect on us personally? Read Timothy Shire's explanation of this event from a positive point of view.
Regina Police Shoot and Kill 15 Year-Old
September 12, 1998
An Editorial by Timothy Shire demanding the banning of hand guns.
Private Property, No Trespassing
September 5, 1998
Prince Albert Acrages a place apart. Adventures of your Ensign reporter
LargestAir Loss of Life in Canadian History
September 3, 1998
The tragic air crash off the coast of Nova Scotia last night results in the loss of 228 passengers and crew.
Looney Tunes
August 29, 1998
Timothy Shire discusses his opinions and beliefs about the shocking economic situation that is affecting the value of the Canadian dollar.
Blasted Ireland!
August 18, 1998
With Northern Ireland dumbfounded with yet another bomb blast Timothy Shire attempts to shed some light on what is the root cause of the continued violence plaguing Ireland.
So What Does This Computer Technology Really Mean?
August 15, 1998
This informative article by Timothy Shire explains the ramifications of the ongoing development of bigger, better, faster.
Martensville Child Sexual Abuse Case Less Puzzling
Saturday, August 8, 1998
Some light is shed on the case that resulted in a huge number of charges and only two convictions.
We are Pretty Much Alone
July 28, 1998
Timothy Shire expounds on his theory of aliens, dinosaurs and asteroids as they relate to the important things in life.
Regina Number One for Violent Crime in Canada!
Friday, July 24, 1998
A little outrage showing here in an editorial about the disgraceful situation with urban crime in the province's two largest cities.
World Government, Already!
Monday, July 20, 1998
World court established, the sign of the times, a serious look at the development of global world trends.
Computer Selection
Monday, July 13, 1998
Computer purchasing advice in an audio format to hear this story you need QuickTime 3.0
Know One Well
Thursday, July 9, 1998
A common sense approach to the wide range of learning to use computers and computer software.
Canada Day - 1998
Wednesday, July 1, 1998
Cal Cavendish's song celebrating our country's birthday.
Storm Clouds
Saturday, June 27, 1998
With pictures to demonstrate this article explains the workings of these bullies of the skies.
Internet Development -
Sunday, June 14, 1998
A detailed explanation of the growth and development of the web and how that effects retailers and consumers alike.
Goin' Fishin' -
Sunday, June 7, 1998
So why to sane individuals risk life and limb, spend a fortune on equipment to go on a fishin' trip? Here is the answer.
Warming the Landfill -
Wednesday, June 3, 1998
Just as we all need things we also have things we don't need. How Tisdale is dealing with garbage.
MAD - India and Pakistan. -
Friday, May 29, 1998
Editorial/commentary on possible thermonuclear confrontation on the Subcontinent.