An Expression of Democracy:

"Are you in favour of forced municipal amalgamation?"

Nipawin - March 30, 2000 - By:Mario deSantis

down sizing both the economy and people in rural Saskatchewan

I personally object to the Star Pheonix Opinions that the referendum proposed next month by the
Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) is laughable(1). I also agree with
SARM that the academic studies on rural governance commissioned by this government at the
tune of $850,000 are a waste of money. This government has no record whatsoever for assisting
rural Saskatchewan to diversify its economy and create wealth. Instead, it is relentlessly pursuing
an economic policy of down sizing both the economy and people in rural Saskatchewan.

save money
facilitate economic growth

At a time when rural Saskatchewan requires special assistance for the re-dimensioning of the
agricultural industry, this government continues an economic policy of wealth extraction by
undermining the basic infrastructure for rural growth: local governance, schools, hospitals,
public services and good roads(2). The two University of Saskatchewan academic works, the
first by professor Joe Garcea and the second by professors Jack Stabler and Rose Olfert,
recommend the dramatic reduction of municipal governments. These professors claim that the
reduction of municipal governments will save money and facilitate economic growth in rural
Saskatchewan. And this government is using the paper works of these professors to carry its
agenda of killing rural Saskatchewan(3).

ultimate economic solution

This government, these academicians, and these Star Pheonix journalists, all claim that it is time
to change the status quo by the establishment of municipal government regions. I tell you readers,
that this government is a phony government, that these academicians have sold out their souls to
this government, and that these journalists just like to have opportunities to write more of their
own opinions. These people are telling rural Saskatchewan that they have the economic solution
for rural Saskatchewan. Yes, they have the solution, but it is the ultimate economic solution: the
killing of rural Saskatchewan.

knowledge economy

By now, we all know the political strategies of the Romanow's government: have corrupted
politicians write a paper vision(4), have economists support the paper vision(5), introduce
legislation to dictate the vision(6), have Tin Pot dictators and puppets to implement the vision(7).
As Carrot River mayor David Stanger has said, this government takes you by the nose through
all their processes only to stab you in the back(8). This government is not serving the people, it is
serving itself and their friends(9). This government, these economists and these Star Pheonix
-journalists, they all tell you that it is time to change the status quo and keep up with the changes
of a new knowledge economy. I tell you readers, that these same people who are telling you
they want to change the status quo and save money in the process(10), are the same people who
have a mausoleum mentality made of brick and mortar(11).

SARM is defending the democratic rights

SARM is right in submitting the referendum with the question "Are you in favour of forced
municipal amalgamation?" In doing so, SARM is defending the democratic rights of rural
Saskatchewan(12) along with the inalienable individual rights of all people, be urban or rural. This
government is a phony government and it is a shame for all the people it is supposed to represent.
  Quote by Donella Meadows "challenging a paradigm is not a part-time job. It is not sufficient to make your point once and then blame the world for not getting it. The world has a vested interest in, a commitment to, not getting it. The point has to be made patiently and repeatedly, day after day after day"
  General reference: Articles by Mario deSantis published by North Central Internet News


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