USURC is pushing Ken Fyke's recommendations:
Less rural hospitals and more fraudulent researches

Nipawin -Friday, November 23, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis


This morning I wrote about Don Ching, a Saskatchewan boy from rural Oxbow who wants to take his supposed crown company, SaskTel, to new conquests away from Saskatchewan and as far away as Australia.




Now we have Laurie Thompson, another rural Saskatchewan boy who wants to take health care away from rural Saskatchewan and push forward Ken Fyke's fraudulent recommendations to establish between thirteen to seventeen acute health centres. Laurie Thompson, CEO of Health Services Utilization and Research Commission (HSURC), has much to gain from Ken Fyke's recommendations since such recommendations include the provision for the establishment of a bigger research centre where Laurie Thompson and his friendly researchers can concoct more Bell shaped fraudulent health researches on behalf of rural Saskatchewan.




But this NDP government has run out of ideas and as a consequence Premier Lorne Calvert needs as much publicity as he can to support Ken Fyke's recommendations. Again it is now the turn for June Bold, director of grants and awards at HSURC, to praise the exciting bigger possibilities she can have in granting more grants and more awards if more rural hospitals can be closed and establish as a consequence Ken Fyke's proposed $20 to $40 million centralized health research centre.




I hope that rural Saskatchewan realizes how it is being cheated by this government and take the step along with their urban cousins to get rid of this inept evidence based research leadership.
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