Dr. Barry McLennan

The No-Fault Insurance of the Free Market:
No fault with Dr. Cassidy, SGI, University of Saskatchewan and Dr. McLennan

Nipawin - Wednesday - August 13, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis


The Free Market is the new invented socio-economic model where social frauds are legally perpetrated.


  So we have the much talked no-fault insurance research conducted by Dr. David Cassidy and funded by the Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI). I expressed my feeling that this research was a fraud as soon as I read the research's conclusion that


"the elimination of compensation for pain and suffering is associated with a decreased incidence and improved prognosis of whiplash injury."


I am not going to rebut the scientific methodology used by Dr. Cassidy in this no-fault study since we have reached today a level of social corruption which can be explained simply with our common sense rather than with the expertise of the Cassidys of this world.
  We must understand that the Free Market has its own shock absorbers so as to make sure that its performance is always protected; and this is why the free marketeers see the world in its static and reductionist way of divide and conquer rather than in its evolving dynamics.
  Yesterday we had the acknowledgment by the University of Saskatchewan that Cassidy's study didn't provide the injured participants with their informed consent. However, on June 30, 2000, Dr. Barry McLennan, assistant dean of research in the college of medicine at the University of Saskatchewan, was writing in the StarPhoenix that a university committee


"concluded there was absolutely no evidence of research misconduct."
  Dr. McLennan also absolutely defended Dr. Cassidy's study when employee Dr. Emma Bartfay, in filing a lawsuit against Dr. Cassidy and the University of Saskatchewan, was stating that she was told to produce statistical results that would prove that whiplash victims recovered faster under the province's new no-fault system. Some weeks ago we learned that Dr. Bartfay agreed to drop her case against Dr. Cassidy and the University of Saskatchewan and that in return she was going to receive an undisclosed amount of money. This is the way public justice is brokered by the confidentiality of the private contract.
  Yesterday, we had StarPhoenix journalists who write
"Whiplash study remains valid"
  and that SGI's no-fault insurance keeps costs down. These StarPhoenix journalists along with the conventional insurance companies are all forgetting that Cassidy's study is invalid as there is no way injured people recover faster when they cannot sue for pain and suffering. Also, these journalists and insurance companies are forgetting that insurance is a need to be satisfied rather than a cost to be lowered, and they forget that while the no-fault costs may be kept bureaucratically low so the satisfaction of the injured claimants is kept lower.

Mario deSantis


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