To Seek An Older World

FTLComm - Weekes - February 11, 1999
It didn't start out the way, it is and has been for more then a century, the process we call education, that has been going on since the beginning of our presence on this planet. But for several civilisations and for our own, the big change came with the advent of the conversion of thoughts to words and then to marks that could be translated by others back to words and then back to thoughts. The need to be able to read and write altered education and moved it from those who whom the role of model and teacher had fallen upon, to those trained and designated as expert teachers. The cost to produce this specialised form of instruction was high and to accomplish learning to write and read took almost all the energy available to each individual. The consuming realisation by society that a short lifetime can accumulate only so much knowledge and skill, can be vastly extended and enhanced by absorbing the knowledge and experience of generations who have recorded their lessons of life in print.

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