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1600 Wednesday - Ceiling and visibility unlimited, -11 ºC, wind 8 knots at 300º, altimeter 30.39

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Gerald Crawfords image of a Clavet Emu
The Greenwater report
March 24, 2010
by: Gerald Crawford

Sasskatoon: Garage sale season has returned and the Crawfords are on the hunt for the perfect bargain once again. Last weekend they were even out to Clavet. Looks like Gerald is over his spring fever and enjoying coffee and going out to the theatre.

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Tim's Tip of the Day

Though common in Europe and many other parts of the world stone walls are extremely rare in Western Canada. In order to create one you really need a lot of stones and in many parts of the great central plains those are fairly scarce. (Click on thumb nail to see full size.)

Find of the day

Killer icicles terrorise Russians
St. Petersburg Russia has suffered through an abnormally cold winter and now clearing ice from rooves of city buildings is posing considerable peril to pedestrians.

Happenings In Tisdale:

Do you need to win the lottery?
March 19, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Weekes: So what is that you need, what is that you want out of life and are you unhappy because you don't have what you need or what you want.? These are questions you need to think about.
March 1974
March 18, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Weekes: March in Saskatchewan can be one of the most harsh months of the year. Just consider last year when the temperature in the middle of the month was below -30ºC for days. Today we go back to 1974 when it was cold, windy and there was much more snow than needed.
In Dublin
March 17, 2010
by: Michael Townsend

Dublin Ireland: Mike is in Dublin and watching the St. Patrick's Day parade. But, in the picture notice that his camera is around his neck. This picture and one other were taken with his Apple iPhone camera and sent to us here in Tisdale at 10:15 local time this morning.
Richardson Pioneer
March 17, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Murphy's Siding: This site often has images of the closest inland terminals to Tisdale but only a few pictures of Pioneer terminal between Eldersley and Crooked River have been shown on this site. Here is how it looked today.
Quarter section seeder
March 16, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Tisdale: There are big combines, big tractors, big deep tillage machines but now there's a big air seeder. Bourgault Industries of St. Brieux has produced a monsterous 700 bushel grain tank for its seeding system that when full of seed and fertilizer has the capacity to do a whole quarter section field without having to stop and reload.
Regina a rural city
March 15, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Regina: Saskatchewan and Canada are not frozen in time but continue to change and evolve. This story deals with the changes and attempts to give us some perspective into what that change might mean for the way we define the provincial capital.
The Greenwater report
March 15, 2010
by: Gerald Crawford

Saskatoon: This week's Greenwater report is one of those gems from Gerald as he tells us about his honey moon with a new car, a march storm and a camper trailer some fifty-seven years ago.
Ridgedale in March
March 11, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Ridgedale: Elevators gone or closed, school closed, a community that one might think of as in retreat but in many ways still a viable community and clearly still the home and work place for a good number of people. Here are some pictures taken last Friday of the community and some interesting aspects to what can be see just driving around in Ridgedale.
Grain bin assembly
March 10, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Tisdale: One of the sure signs of spring is the Beeland Co-op's yard starts become active. Bases had been delivered earlier now its time for this year's crop of bins to be put together.
Spring's progress
March 9, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Tisdale: It only slipped slightly below freezing last night and by mid afternoon the overcast vanished to reveal a blue sky and the temperature zoomed upward at the same time the puddles are growing bigger and bigger.
Hutchison's general store
March 9, 2010
by: Mr. Hutchison

Leacross: Leacross is one of the several now abandoned communities in the Tisdale area. I visited there in April of last year and after posting the story received an e-mail from a former resident but it was not until Friday that I was back to get some more images.
The Greenwater report
March 8, 2010
by: Gerald Crawford

Saskatoon: It is possible that Gerald has spring fever. He went to the boat and leisure show then went and checked out his motorhome and is already looking forward to the first camping trip of the season. We do not recommend changing those snow tires just yet Gerald.
Miles of grain cars
March 4, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Tisdale: Strings of grain hauling "B" trains have been making their way through and by town all day today. Upon visiting four of the closest inland grain terminals to Tisdale I discovered three of the terminals each had more than a mile of rail grain hopper cars spotted awaiting loading at each terminal. Upon visiting each terminal I had to pull over to the side of the road for trucks arriving and departing from those terminals.
Run off beginning
March 4, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Tisdale: With the temperature just around the freezing mark each day water is forming and making its way to the natural drainage system and we are beginning to see water on top of the ice in the streams and turning the snow to slush.
First taste of spring
March 2, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Tisdale: Our streets are melting, there are puddles, no one seems to be able to stay inside and the long days with great sunshine are just getting longer. Yes these are signs of spring and they are welcomed by everyone after what has to be a very mild winter. This story shows some of Tisdale this afternoon.
The spirit of the 2010 Olympics
March 2, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Tisdale: Despite the politicians and the corporations who tried so earnestly to use the Olympics for their own purposes Canadians came through. They and their athletes made the games a success and we need to be proud of the way Canadians came together with the games and how our athletes deserved the support their received.
The Greenwater report
March 1, 2010
by: Gerald Crawford

Saskatoon: A couple of interesting wild life pictures this week in the report and Gerald tells us about his reaction and involvement in the Vancouver Winter Olympic games.
Pedation of preditors
February 26, 2010
by: Timothy W.. Shire

Porcupine Plain: The actions of government are almost always political and rarely based on scientific research or even common sense. The $20 bounty on coyotes is a remarkable example of poorly thought out government action to satisfy a few vocal ranchers. As far as we know there are no sheep ranches in the Porcupine Plain area but there are thousands and thousands of rodents in urgent need of control.

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