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1600 Wednesday - Broken alto-stratus 7/8ths 12,000, broekn cirrus 7/8ths 21,000,
visibility 15, 20ºC, wind 11 gusting 17 knots at 240º, altimeter 29.99

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Matthew Shire's image of Regina's Wascana park early evening Sunday, October 3.
Sunday in Wascana Park
October 6, 2010
by: Matthew and Dawn Shire

Regina: Sunday was pretty much a golden day throughout all of Saskatchewan. Matthew and Dawn Shire went with some friends and their two families to Regina's Wascana park for a picnic supper. This story has 58 pictures that celebrate the event with the water the geese and an enchanting evening.

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Tim's Tip of the Day

The Canadian dollar was expected to reach parity with the US dollar mid 2011 but it will do that in a few days as the US is printing money it does not have to prop up its economy and currency around the world are fighting to hold down their value. (Click on thumb nail to see full size.)

Find of the day

Who's on Forbes most powerful women?
Trend setter Michelle Obama tops the list with Lady Gaga at 7 and Ellen DeGeneres at 10. The list considers influence, wealth, power and leadership so it is no surprise to find Killary Clinton, Australia's prime minister and Germany's chancellor on the list for this year.

Happenings In Tisdale:

The mystery of fall
October 5, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Tisdale: It happens every year, fall arrives and yet every year it seems remarkably different. Perhaps its the sequence, maybe its the intensity but there is a mystery in this seasonal change from summer to winter. Is it the regrets of a summer that just didn't work out or the anticipation of yet another winter. What ever it is we need to check it out both visually and in our minds.
The Greenwater report
October 5, 2010
by: Gerald Crawford

Saskatoon: A great visit to the Drumheller area of Alberta with some pictures as the Crawfords wrap up their summer camping season. Gerald tells of the passing of a friend and the triumphs of Kelly Chase.
Rev. Gethin Edward
September 30, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Tisdale: Tisdale's Anglican minister came to town this summer and reports that he and his wife are very happy in their new home which is more than a thousand miles from where they grew up in the Maritimes.
Fall sale at St. Matthew's Anglican Church
September 30, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Tisdale: The Anglican Church's fall sale began this morning and runs all Friday 9:00 until 5:00 and on Saturday morning. There is a huge variety of items all displayed so you can browse to your heart's content.
Parkland Photography Club September meeting
September 30, 2010
by: Darlene McCullough

Tisdale: With three new members the photo club starts off another year as they looked into various competitions and projects while showing off this month's photo shoot dealing with the theme "shiny."
Christ Lutheran Church fall rummage sale
September 30, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Tisdale: This is the largest Lutheran rummage sale I have seen with excellent items for sale and the sale continues Friday and then on Saturday morning.
Autumn's glory
September 28, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Tisdale: It was a truly spectacular fall this year but fall is a fleeting thing that doesn't last long as today's wind cleared away most of the remaining coloured leaves with only the shrubs still showing lots of colour. Here are some pictures taken this past weekend around Tisdale and at Greenwater Lake Provincial Park.
Tisdale Ambulance Care Ltd. relocates
September 28, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Tisdale: The Ambulance base for Tisdale and district has been on the corner immediately east of the north entrance to Tisdale Hospital. The time has come to expand the facilities to accommodate equipment and staff in a better and larger building. That new building is nearing completion and here are the pictures that show the building's development.
Upgrading borrow pit to trout pond
September 22, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Tisdale: About a decade or more ago the borrow pit east of Tisdale on the north side of highway #3 was stocked with trout and during the summer dedicated fishing folk could be seen trying to catch one. But the fish were unsustainable and this spring the pond was pumped empty and this fall it is being modified.
Visit to Porcupine Plain
September 22, 2010
by: Darlene McCullough

Porcupine Plain: Tisdale and area superannuated teachers held their September meeting at the Cove at Greenwater Park then went into Porcupine Plain to tour the excellent museum.
The Greenwater report
September 21, 2010
by: Gerald Crawford

Saskatoon: We haven't heard from the Crawfords since the end of August and since then they have obtained a much newer motor home and are all set to make a trip to Alberta this coming week. This report catches up on some of the friends of the Crawfords.
Colour has come
September 16, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Tisdale: Here is our first look at the turning colour of the leaves in the Tisdale area. 
Registry means proceeding with facts rather than from ignorance
September 16, 2010
by: Eugene Parks

Victoria, British Columbia: Its the talk on every news show on radio and television as the a private members bill and the Federal government are determined to get rid of the long gun registry. All but three of Canada's police chiefs want the registry to be maintained because it is information that police can use to determine if a threat is possible with an individual.
Things are wet
September 14, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Tisdale: Wet spring, wet summer and now wet once again as we go into fall. Crops not planted, those crops that were put in the ground grew poorly and many ploughed under now what crops that have been swathed and are awaiting harvest are soaking in the field. When looking for a bright side rice comes to mind but it has been to cold for that to have grown maybe farmers should consider wild rice for next year.
The age of intolerance
September 3, 2010
by: Timothy W. Shire

Tisdale: Given the nature of the last century there is really nothing new about the present. What is so hard to take is that clearly we as a people should be over this sort of thing as we allow our selves to move forward toward a brighter and more enlightened future, but instead we seem doomed to relive the age of the reformation while simply renaming the Spainish inquisition.
Positive alternatives to spending billions on war planes
September 2, 2010
by: Joe Hueglin

Niagara Falls, Ontario: The most important thing about being a soveriegn country is to determine what is best for your people and the country's collective aspirations of itself as a nation. We have to question what we want to be and then set forth a plan to achieve that goal. Is Do we as a nation need to comment billions of dollars to owning 65 aircraft to fight in an environment where manned aircraft may be totally obsolete?

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